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Pumpkin for Halloween! October 2022

The St. Monica’s kids love it when Dr. E. J. comes to visit in the Althea Center and teaches them origami (paper folding) for the month. In fact, the volume goes way, way, up when her picture appears on the computer screen in the room.

Ms. Pat covers her ears and demands quiet but Dr. E. J. eggs them on and thinks it is great energy. Dr. E. J. Is a friend of Ms. Pat, as she is affectionally known, and they worked together at Iowa State University. Dr. E. J. Zoomed in on Wednesday, October 19th with tales about Halloween and the use of pumpkins and other scary things around the world.

Ms. Pat shared a PowerPoint presentation on the same computer screen with pictures of everyone who was participating. These 10 kids were just about finished with their origami pumpkins but time was ticking away. Ms. Pat made the final folds and taped them to their treat bags, which were full of all kinds of goodies. Everyone had fun. Any ideas about what Dr. E. J. can Zoom in with in November?

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