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ADults and seniors Workshops

The Althea Augustine Technology Learning Center also serves the adults and seniors of Lincoln Heights Community.

April 2023

Digital Literacy for Adults
Microsoft Office for Beginners

January 2023

Celebrating Health & Wellness
Japanese Crane

December 2022

“The adults and seniors made one-page, 2023 calendars with season greetings or personalized with family pictures. They were also very pleased with their gift bags of goodies"

November 2022

"Thanksgiving origami turkey and celebrating Native Americans heritage month"

October 2022

“The seniors had two sessions of origami crafts. They made and decorated the Happy Pumpkin in one (supposedly for their grands or young folks in their lives) and, in another, they made the more difficult accordion-like pumpkin. And they did it well!! The pumpkin-themed take-home treats were hits too!!"

june 2021

ipads & macbooks
Senior class-group1 (1).png
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