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Let's Fold Hearts! - February 2022

Updated: May 1

The theme for this month was the Celebration of Valentine’s Day Around the World.

Students read the PowerPoint slides describing how the day was celebrated in the USA, Brazil, Israel, Lebanon, Portugal, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Bangladesh.

These countries were pointed out on the lighted globe and their relative distance from the USA and each other was discussed. Dr. E.J. had special insights into the customs of her home country, South Korea. The students were then asked “What Does it Mean to be Good Hearted? A discussion of Love and Kindness Languages (Chapman & others) followed in which suggestions were given on how to give compliments, what to say when giving a gift, and how to show love and kindness through acts of service to others or behaviors. Each student then folded an origami heart with guidance from Dr. E.J. and/or Dr. Pat. All were proud of their finished products and were excited to give to a parent or take to school.

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